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The Plant Milk Social Experiment

We are thrilled to announce our food focused, outreach centered campaign aimed at challenging the publics perception of non-daily milks and taking down the dairy industry!

What is the Plant Milk Social Experiment?
The Plant Milk Social Experiment is a grassroots effort to facilitate dialogue and education about the impact of dairy consumption on animals. By organizing social gatherings where participants will taste different plant-based milks sponsored by AAM, we aim to spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and promote the transition to plant-based alternatives.

How Can You Get Involved?
We invite you to organize your own Plant Milk Social Experiment in your community. AAM will reimburse you for the plant milks ensuring that the event is accessible and inclusive for all participants. Whether it’s a small gathering with friends or a larger community event, every effort counts!

How to Get Started:
Fill out this application and you will be contacted by an action coordinator who will help you organize your very own Plant Milk Social Experiment!

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“We The Free is an animal advocacy network of 8,000 volunteers in 20 countries, forming over 80 activism teams around the world. Like AAM, we are passionate about developing leaders of the animal rights movement! We invite you to join our community support network, with access to professional training programs, inductions, and mentorship. As an organizer, you can apply for funding with a WTF Equipment grant to purchase essential equipment and food prizes for your team. You can use this funding to run events like the 3 Minute Movie Challenge! Understand your impact with our revolutionary data analytics platform, MyStats, to know how many people you inspired to watch Dominion or sign up for a mentor program.”

“We would love to talk with you! You can email us at Hello@Activism.wtf with any questions, see if there is a team to join in your area, or apply to start a team yourself!”

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